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about us


To promote unity and cooperation among the members of the biradari of Quom-e-Attaran-o-Hakimaan through various activities and bring our community together and create a sense of belongingness, provide opportunities for members of our community to learn and grow.


To create a vibrant and inclusive community where members can share their knowledge, skills, and experiences with each other.

Friends Circle Delhi have achieved its mission and vision through a variety of activities, including:

  • Social events: We host social events such as Iftar Party, Seekh Kabab Party, Bazm-e-Adab, Picnic, Indoor and outdoor sports day.
  • Community service: We partner with others to provide services to the community like hosting medical camps, education workshop, etc.

We believe that Friends Circle Delhi make a positive difference in the lives of its members and in the community as a whole. We invite all our biradari members to join us in our mission to build a more cohesive and inclusive community.

Vision (1)

We host social events and provide community services


2207/2, 1st Floor, Ahata Hajjan Bi, Rodgran, Lal Kuan, Delhi – 110006


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